Join us in partnership with “When We All Vote” and many volunteers from across the country for National Voters Registration Day, September 20-26, 2020. The goal of “When We All Vote” is to register every eligible American to vote!
When?  September 20-26 from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM. You may volunteer as much time as you like during those hours.
What will we do? Using the “OutVote” Texting App., you will be able to send templated text messages through the app to one or both of the following two groups:
1. Friends/Family in your contact list
2. Eligible voters across the country
Please note: Text recipients will not have access to your cell phone number.
Are you ready to get started?  Follow these 4 Easy Steps:
Step 3: Join our team “Link Squad”
{Click “profile”, enter team code: 350446}
Step 4: Start Texting!



Below   are   some   of   the   most   frequently   asked   questions   that   you’ll   come   across   while   doing     peer-­‐to-­‐peer   texting,   with   guidance   on   how   to   respond.   If   you   have   additional   questions,     please   email   volunteers@whenweallvote.org.       

Q:   What   if   I   get   asked   a   really   specific   question   that   I   don’t   know   how   to   answer?     

A:   It’s   ok   —   as   a   volunteer   you   don’t   need   to   be   an   expert.   Voting   and   voting   laws   can   be     complicated   and   we   want   to   direct   them   to   experts.   Have   them   call   1-­‐866-­‐OUR-­‐VOTE   to     answer   their   questions.   One   of   the   canned   responses   allows   you   to   send   this   hotline   number     to   them.     

Q:   What   if   someone   responds   to   me   the   next   day   or   after   a   text   bank?       

A:   That’s   ok!   The   most   effective   thing   you   can   do   to   help   register   potential   voters   is   to     respond   and   make   sure   the   voter   has   all   of   the   information   they   need.   Just   remember   to     respond   back   within   the   hour   if   you   can.   If   a   potential   voter   has   more   questions,   let   them     know   to   reach   out   via   email   at   volunteer@whenweallvote.org.     

Q:   What   if   I’m   asked   how   I   got   their   number?       

A:   Many   people   will   be   curious   and   you   can   let   them   know   that   their   number   was   pulled     from   a   publicly   available   database.   If   they’re   uncomfortable   with   that,   you   can   offer   to   opt     them   out   to   stop   them   from   receiving   more   messages.     

Q:   What’s   When   We   All   Vote?     

A:   When   We   All   Vote   is   a   non-­‐profit,   nonpartisan   organization   that   is   on   a   mission   to     increase   voter   participation   in   every   election   and   close   the   race   and   age   voting   gap   by     changing   the   culture   around   voting.   Be   sure   to   let   people   know   that   When   We   All   Vote   is   a     non-­‐partisan,   not-­‐for-­‐profit   co-­‐chaired   by   Michelle   Obama,   Tom   Hanks,   Janelle   Monae,   and     more!     

Q:   What   if   I’m   asked   if   WWAV   is   trying   to   elect   Democrats?   Win   back   the   White     House?   Support   or   defeat   Trump?       

A:   Never   get   into   a   conversation   about   partisan   politics.   As   a   non-­‐profit,   nonpartisan     organization,   this   is   a   very   serious   issue   for   When   We   All   Vote.   Let   people   know   that   When     We   All   Vote   is   a   non-­‐partisan   organization   and   that   our   mission   is   to   help   all   eligible   voters     register   to   vote   this   fall.   We   do   not   support   any   candidates,   parties,   or   support   a   particular     position   on   issues.   We   want   everyone   to   register   and   be   ready   to   vote—regardless   of   whom     they   may   support.       

Q:   Can   I   offer   people   anything   in   exchange   for   registering   to   vote?     

A:   No.   It   is   against   the   law   to   offer   anything   that   can   be   seen   as   an   incentive   to   register   to     vote   or   to   go   out   and   vote.     


  Q:   What   do   I   do   if   I   receive   a   vulgar   message   in   response?     

A:   Keep   calm   and   carry   on.   Don’t   respond   —   just   opt   this   person   out.   Unfortunately   people     can   be   very   mean   over   text.   Keep   going   because   it   is   more   important   to   reach   others   who     need   to   be   communicated   with!     

Q:   I   think   I   have   texted   the   same   person   multiple   times   when   they   say   “stop   texting     me”.   Is   this   possible?     

A:   Our   system   will   not   allow   you   to   text   the   same   person   twice.   Please   opt   them   out   and     move   to   the   next   person.     

One   last   reminder:       

Please   only   send   texts   to   potential   voters   from   9   am   to   9   pm,   their   time.