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Download the Link Church App

1. Search your app store for “Church Center” or go to the Android or iOS app link.
2. Download and install the app
Run the app and click on “Get Started”
3. Allow Church Center to find our church. To do so, either:
Allow it to access your location & click “Link Church”
Search for our church by entering “Link Church” and use the zip code “28227”
4. Click on the Link church logo and select “This is my church”
5. Enter your phone number. Use the phone number you have provided us for the church directory, and one that allows text messaging.
6. Church Center will text you a login code. Enter the login code in the app to continue to set up your password.
7. Click on your user profile to log in. You may optionally set up fingerprint scanning to login faster.
That’s it! You are all set up. From this point on, you should be logged in and you won’t need to perform these steps again.